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Engineering Manager
Ian Hall BSc, CEng, MIMarEST- Engineering Manager

Ian Hall BSc, CEng, MIMarEST

Ian Hall is a chartered marine engineer with over twenty years sea service including over a decade serving as a C/E on cargo vessels, container vessels, specialized vessels (including large private yachts) and oil tankers. He came ashore to take up the position of superintendent and continued his career progression to ultimately fleet manager. He is now continuing as an independent consultant. Apart from the usual daily operation of vessels of many kinds he has been involved in many projects often leading a team of engineers on the major projects. Some of these projects include:

  • Many major dockings in Europe, the Middle and Far East, taking these from initial survey, writing the spec, attending the docking and follow up until final invoice.
  • Converting a CBT tanker into an SBT unit.
  • Major steel renewals - both afloat and in the yards.
  • Reflagging vessels to the U.S. Flag.
  • Complete blasting and re-coating wing ballast tanks.
  • Straightening a main steam turbine 'bent' rotor.
  • Installing LSFO tanks and low TBN cylinder oil tanks on VLCC tonnage.
  • Installing additional quarter decks.
  • Ship inspections prior to buying.
  • Many steel assessment surveys.

Having worked with the USCG on a daily basis he is very familiar with their requirements and the methods by which they work.

He is highly focused, dynamic and resolute with over 25 years of broad based experience illustrating multifaceted and unparalleled management of all areas related to Marine Operations / Management; while adapting effective and efficient practices to investigate, identify and trouble shoot equipment / machinery related issues.

In-depth knowledge and experience, pleasant disposition and flexible leadership qualities have been the backbone of getting the best out of employees and other stakeholders of the organizations.

A dedicated individual, who is highly respected in the shipping industry with a reputation for unwavering accuracy and credibility proven to deliver high quality work while meeting the company’s objectives in due time frames.