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16th January 2013

Something a little different again this time. My sister (Angela Hall) is a Solicitor and has recently joined a new firm. I have been so impressed with this firm’s level of expertise (and perhaps more importantly customer service as that is so often lacking within the legal profession) ...

6th January 2013


Most of the comments of this article will be of interest to U.K. and Commonwealth citizens along with Anglophiles.  For this I make no apology!

The year 2012 has seen the Western World continue to be immersed in the worst economic recession ...

Welcome to Carmania

Carmania Ltd is an international business consultancy service with strong ties to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and incorporated in the UK. The business was conceived and developed primarily in the maritime sector to take advantage of the expanding range of opportunities both locally to the region and internationally, on behalf of principals located predominantly externally to the region.

Through our extensive network of contacts and drawing on a wealth of local knowledge and well-established commercial expertise, our company is committed to taking your business through the twenty-first century and together we can explore opportunities that can help move your business to the pinnacle of its capabilities.

Carmania today represents the lynchpin between local and international maritime businesses, corporate bodies, and business professionals within the region and Europe.

If you have a product or service that you would like us to help you market in the ME region, please contact us.

For a downloadable brochure with further information on the company, please Click Here.