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About Us
Our Mission

To become the region’s pre-eminent maritime service provider by being in a class of our own in terms of quality, client service and business ethics.

We always act in the best interests of our customers and, in so doing, generate wealth, knowledge and opportunities for our partners and clients alike.

Our goal is to build an international maritime network that will serve the business needs of the whole community.

Many of our enquiries come from organisations looking to develop or improve revenue streams within the region or companies looking to penetrate this complex and competitive market for the first time. Our commitment to customer service and focus on excellence means that we are well positioned to providing the best solutions for you in helping to drive your business forward.

The company was incorporated in the UK in June 2009 and has rapidly expanded to include an engineering division and can undertake a wide range of services on your behalf. A thorough knowledge of Middle East markets and an extensive range of contacts across all fields of the maritime sector globally enable us to provide assistance and collaboration to any business looking to penetrate this complex market. Drawing on our pool of knowledge and experience we have helped companies to scrutinise their current business practices and improve their processes as well as developing into new markets.