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June 2010

News Letter - 21st June 2010

We attended Posidonia last week as Carmania but also spent some time assisting the IMarEST. Despite all the doom and gloom we’ve read about Greece (and yes we acknowledge they do have problems but so do a lot of to the places) Posidonia was as interesting and glamorous as ever. The floor area devoted to exhibition stands was increased from 2008 and from our perspective the event seemed as big as ever in terms of visitor numbers. It will be interesting to check the official figures when they are published.

We met a lot of “old” friends from across the industry during Posidonia. If we missed you and didn’t get to say hello we apologise but at an event the size of Posidonia seeing all you wish to is always a challenge. We appreciate the words of support we received from contacts, old and new, and in particular it was gratifying to hear how much you enjoy this newsletter.

A special thanks to all those companies that hosted events either on their stands or in the evenings. We attended those of ABS, Aegean, Clarkson’s, HELMEPA, IMarEST, The Marshall Islands (IRI), and Naftiliaki / Seatrade so want to say a special thank you to all involved in those events for their hospitality. We must also thank both the IMarEST and Maritime London for allowing us the use of their facilities at the exhibition.

We came away from Posidonia with the feeling that, although things are hard, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the shipping industry on the whole has a positive outlook for the coming months and indeed couple of years. So now it’s back to business: it was great to see you all and we look forward to the next time.

Whilst we were at the Marshall Islands event we were informed that earlier that day the Marshall Islands flagged tanker MTM Princess, IMO number 9185853 rescued four yachtsmen from the sailing yacht Octagon: kudos to Captain Zaw Aung and his crew. The ship was en-route to Spain to disembark the survivors.

A hot topic in Dubai - LNG as future ship fuel

Maritime industry experts gathered in Dubai at a forum hosted by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), one of the leading classification societies to discuss using LNG as a ship fuel. The forum addressed economical and technological issues. "Driven by upcoming stricter environmental regulations regarding Sulphur-oxides, Nitrogen-oxides and CO2, industry is today also attracted by relatively low LNG prices," outlined Matthias Ritters, GL's Area Manager for the Middle East. "The availability of LNG as ship fuel critically depends on the infrastructure that is being developed rapidly in Northern Europe, and is also expected to be established along the major shipping routes," explained Dr. Pierre C. Sames, Senior Vice President of GL's Strategic Research and Development. "The technologies to support using LNG as fuel are available today and IMO is on track to set the regulatory framework," underlined Dr. Gerd-Michael Würsig, deputy Head of GL's Environmental Research Department.