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November 2010

News Letter - 30th November 2010

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and this has been due to the Editor’s hectic schedule of late. However it has been very interesting.

We had Ship Tech in Dubai and we must thank the main sponsors Vela International Marine, Lloyd’s List and Lloyds Register together with all the other sponsors and partners. During the first day particular interesting papers were presented on the future of ship propulsion and ship design. Ship Tech was on November 9th and 10th but unfortunately we could only make day one as we had to fly to China on the 10th where we were invited to speak at a workboats conference in Zhoushan China on November 12th. Thank you to Seatrade for inviting us to do so and taking care of us during our time in China. It was our first visit to mainland China and to say it was very interesting is an understatement. We hope to go back and explore more of this vast country on a subsequent visit.

China is forecast to overtake Korea as the world’s biggest shipbuilding nation if not this year than in 2011. It was interesting to hear about the possibility of exploiting the oil and gas in the “China South Sea”. These reserves are 2000 km away from the mainland and for a workboat to service them is a one week trip. If and when this field is developed we should see a drive to larger, more high tech workboats in Asia. At the moment the majority of these vessels in that region are of old design with high fuel consumption, high emissions and expensive operating costs. As indeed are the majority of workboats in the Arabian Gulf.
To give an idea of the scale of the place after flying in we undertook a four hour coach ride to reach Zhoushan. Zhoushan is known as “the city of ten thousand islands” and is becoming famous for its beaches and seafood as well as shipbuilding. The journey involved crossing some spectacular bridges and causeways.

Waste to Energy

We are very excited about some technology we have come across recently. We all know we should be doing more in terms of reducing our impact on the environment and finally we have found a technology we believe does that while producing worthwhile benefits in the form of energy rather than just moving the problem to another place / form. The technology is called 4HT and originates in Switzerland. The international distributor is located right here in the UAE. Review the following benefits this technology provides and if you are interested in learning more please let us know. We can put you in touch with the international distributor.

Unique Features of 4HT WTE Technology

The following provides a high level view of the unique features of the technology we have available to provide a Waste to Energy (W2E) Facility:
• The Intellectual Property and resulting technology is fully protected by international patent.
• It is a ‘Closed-Loop’ system
 Zero Emissions
 Zero Pollution
• It has a small footprint – a module requires only 20,000-25,000m2 and it can be completely hidden underground so little/no visual pollution
• There is only 1% solid output from what is input into the system
 Inert (non-toxic)
 Can be sold & utilised in the construction industry
 Other technologies output 30+% which can contain toxic residues so therefore still require landfill
• Operates at 2000oC – breaks down the waste at the molecular level
• Efficiency is far greater than other available technologies
 The basic module is able to deliver 66-67 MW per hour
• The 4HT W2E system is the only system capable of guaranteeing 100% disposal and transformation of liquid and solid urban waste into renewable energies and products. Hence it can be used to get rid of legacy landfills so releasing land for development.
• 6 Years is the time which the system can operate 24/7 (24 hours a day - 7 days a week), without interruption (i.e. for normal maintenance cycles). The system must be stopped only one week every 6 years for maintenance and the process has been engineered so that this will not cause any interruption to the flow of waste disposal.
• All product output from the system is sellable i.e. can provide revenue; there is also the opportunity to receive revenue from the input i.e. the waste.
 Electrical Energy
 Thermal Energy (for chiller units, desalination plants, etc)
 Hydrogen
 CO2 (bottling industry, etc)
 Water
 Vitrified Aggregates (cement additives and road construction)
 Carbon Credits
• Provides outstanding opportunity cost for electricity production:
 With a 4HT plant if you dispose of (not burn) 6.800 Tons of waste per day, you can potentially save 32,786 barrels of oil per day, or 11.96 million barrels of oil per year - about US$ 847m annually. Over 4.5 times fossil fuel utilisation savings compared to an incinerator.

So if you’d like to learn more drop us a line at Carmania. Further we are always interested to hear about new and environmentally sound technology. If you are aware of something that might interest us please do let us know.

Carmania Ltd is an international business consultancy service incorporated in the UK with strong ties to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The business was conceived and developed primarily in the maritime sector to take advantage of the expanding range of opportunities both locally to the region and internationally, on behalf of principals located predominantly externally to the region. Through our extensive network of contacts and drawing on a wealth of local knowledge and well-established commercial expertise, our company is committed to taking your business through the twenty-first century and together we can explore opportunities that can help move your business to the pinnacle of its capabilities.

Our Business consultancy and engineering services include:
 market analysis
 project leadership
 business development
 business plans and reports
 agency provision
 company setup
 corporate licensing assistance
 CAPS surveys
 close-up inspections
 project management
 dry-dock specifications
 steel inspections
 problem, accident & incident investigations
 pre-purchase vessel inspections
 safety and security surveys and acting as an expert witness